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Sheikh Al Mualla bin Ahmed Al Mualla

Partner - Leadership

Sheikh Almualla bin Ahmed Almualla is a member of the royal family of the UAE. Almualla is a tech enthusiast with diverse knowledge in business, politics and economy. He is always looking for the latest valuable innovations, his interest in technology has led him to build multiple tech businesses and established an international financial firm Persici Financial Services. Almualla has been investing in the crypto space since 2016, providing seed funding and backing a variety of top crypto projects.

Feras Al Sadek

Managing Partner

Feras Al Sadek is an entrepreneur & angel investor with over 12+ years of expertise who has entered in many ventures throughout his career across multiple industries including hospitality, real estate, investments, Blockchain & tech – ranging from start-ups to well-established enterprises. He has won various awards for his businesses as well as himself such the Marketing Professional of the year. He began his career by co-founding 3 award-winning businesses and later joined a family-owned investment company which focuses on; hospitality, realestate, trading and manufacturing, construction and mining, where he was able to focus mainly on marketing and business development. He currently sits on board of advisory for a few start-ups as well as the founder and managing partner of Ghaf Capital Partners and Ghaf Labs.

Shihab Al Hashimi

Managing Partner

Shihab is a blockchain enthusiast and angel investor, who has a passion for supporting and working with exciting companies in the blockchain space. Shihab has a vast experience investing in the space, Since 2017, he has made private and seed round investments in over 100 projects. Shihab has served as a blockchain consultant for private businesses in the UAE, connecting them to blockchain technology solutions for their ecosystems. Most recently Shihab served as an Advisor to Immutable X, in which he was responsible for advising on tokenomics, leading all exchange listings, market makers negotiations, as well as the DEX and farming rewards implementation strategy.

Hubertus Thonhauser

Partner - Chairman

Hubertus was co-founder and sole investor in Babil Games, a leading mobile-games publisher in the MENA region that was acquired by NASDAQ listed Stillfront Group in 2016. He has over 20 years of experience in starting up, growing and managing companies in the regulated gaming industry and as tech-investor active in Europe, the US, and the GCC. Through his family office VC firm Enabling Future, Hubertus has been investing primarily in fin-tech, market places and starting from 2017 backed various projects in the crypto space, including layer one protocols, crypto-derivatives providers and institutional custodian solutions. Hubertus was former Chairman of the Tezos Foundation.

Tariq Rashid

Partner - Community

Tariq brings with him an excellent reputation and widespread knowledge in the crypto space, having participated in many startups; he is well versed in examining Fintech projects. In addition, Tariq has an extensive, high net worth network across the Middle East with the same forward-thinking perspective on blockchain technology. Tariq previously worked at a family owned conglomerate, one of the leading in the region, in industries such as hospitality, automotive and education. Tariq is also serving as an advisor at Kinesis Money.

Raghav Reggie Jerath

Partner - Technical

Raghav or better known as Reggie is a serial entrepreneur, leadership and management professional and an accredited chartered manager from the Chartered Management institute. Reggie has scaled startups from idea to growth stage with revenues reaching as high as 200,000 USD per month. He has led teams varying from ten to two hundred people of a multidisciplinary background. His career also includes stints at MSLgroup and other large integrated agencies where he handled medium to large scale public, private and NGO accounts. He is a firm believer and practitioner of the hersey-blanchard situational model of leadership.

Rahul Suri

Partner - Strategy

Entrepreneur & Investor within the realm of retail professional services in Dubai, co-founded in 2009 – InRetail consultants, a retail focused recruitment firm. Grew company to top 10 industry specific recruitment outfits and exited in 2012. Founded Ritz Search in Dubai in 2012, a retail focused firm, working with over 60+ brands in 3 continents. RITZ Innovation partners with leading international technology companies to take them global. Over 12,500+ stores on platform. Across 11 countries including USA/UK/EU/ASIA. Rahul as MD was responsible for complete ownership of profit responsibility, budgeting, strategic planning and launches of new services. Today as Chairman of the Board oversees Executive Management team. In 2017 founded Savy Capital Partners – an investment family office focused on helping young technology companies gain access to capital and mentorship to further their growth. Industries include Retail, Real Estate, Water and Fund of Funds. In 2020 entered the Blockchain industry as Fund of Funds and direct pre-ICO placements, mentoring young teams to grow profitable businesses.

Ilya Tokhner

Partner - Strategic Partnerships

Ilya was named among the “52 Hottest New Stars in Silicon Valley” by Business Insider in 2014 and advises over a dozen startups and tech companies in North America. He currently serves as Partner and Head of Business Development at AG TECH, bridging the technology gap between Kazakhstan and the United States/Silicon Valley. Previously Ilya was first employee and Head of Business Development, (formerly AnyPerk) a Y-Combinator company, first employee and Head of Business Development, Bina Technologies (acquired by Roche 2014) a Stanford Spin Off Venture, and International Sales at Boeing. Ilya holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a B.S. in International Business, Magna Cum Laude, from Cal State Long Beach.

Mudather Al Hashimi

Business Development Executive

Mudather is a project engineer with many years of experience in the Aluminum industry. He has also been active in the crypto space since early 2017, having invested directly in many different Blockchain companies. Following his passion for the crypto industry, He has also worked closely with many projects integrating from Web2 to Web3.

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