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Ghaf Capital Partners is one of the first locally managed blockchain / Web 3 only private capital firms based in Dubai, U.A.E & acts as an extended version of the team of all their partners and portfolio of companies so as to add value as strategic partners and growth accelerators.
The name was inspired by the beauty & characteristics of the Ghaf tree. Known for its strong roots, extreme self-sustenance, essential source of shade, food & medical supplies for all species, being one of the only evergreen trees in the harsh conditions of the desert.
For us at GCP, we believe it is the perfect formula for a firm to base its values & strategies on to help achieve the goals and objects of the companies.

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Ghaf Capital Partners is one of the first blockchain only private capital firm based in Dubai, U.A.E.

To become the most trusted and reputable blockchain financial and growth partners for entrepreneurs and business partners.

Our mission is simple, we want to invest in the best teams & start-ups in the blockchain industry to offer the world a new, smarter way of life. We have a highly skilled team whose main focus is to create effective value-added partnerships and working with the best companies and help achieve the greatest value creation in the sector. Our motivated team will work closely with our partners to ensure the greatest chance of success of their projects.

We are a firm based on relationships and partnerships and strive only for excellence and nothing else. We strike at our goals and we prove our trust!

Everything in our power to ensure success of your venture. We support our partners the same as if they were part of our family. We suggest you approach us as early as possible, we would like to start getting to know you, your project and building a relationship with you even before our first official meeting.

Ghaf Capital Partners is looking for; early stage, next-generation, industry changing blockchain projects, as well as later stage and well-established companies with a strong background and team from the industry whose plan is revolutionize the industry.

Our Office Dubai, UAE

Email Us info@ghafcapital.ae

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