Ghaf Capital Partners collaborates with Emirates Environmental Group
to plant as many Ghaf and Cedar trees around the U.A.E

What is the solution to climate challenges of carbon emissions, extreme heat, wildfire, water security, and saving biodiversity?

Answer: Trees, they are absolutely central to solving them all. Trees are essential to addressing the myriad of environmental, societal, and climate issues the world is facing right now. They can both help slow climate change as well as protect us from the coming impacts. By helping protect and grow trees we can also boost and create jobs.

This cause leads us to join EEG’s urban afforestation programme – “For Our Emirates We Plant”. Since 2007, EEG has been actively involved in planting indigenous tree saplings across the UAE. Through this programme, we uphold the vision of our founding father and do our part in ensuring that UAE moves forward as he envisioned it. In the words of the late HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan “We pay the utmost care and attention to our environment for it is an integral part of our country, our history and our heritage. Our forefathers and our ancestors lived in this land and coexisted with its environment, on land and in sea, and instinctively realised the need to preserve it”.

The clock is ticking on climate, and our forests; Our climate and communities depend on it.

As EEG’s motto goes, together for a better environment!

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Ghaf Capital Partners is one of the first blockchain only private capital firm based in Dubai, U.A.E.

To become the most trusted and reputable blockchain financial and growth partners for entrepreneurs and business partners.

Our mission is simple, we want to invest in the best teams & start-ups in the blockchain industry to offer the world a new, smarter way of life. We have a highly skilled team whose main focus is to create effective value-added partnerships and working with the best companies and help achieve the greatest value creation in the sector. Our motivated team will work closely with our partners to ensure the greatest chance of success of their projects.

We are a firm based on relationships and partnerships and strive only for excellence and nothing else. We strike at our goals and we prove our trust!

Everything in our power to ensure success of your venture. We support our partners the same as if they were part of our family. We suggest you approach us as early as possible, we would like to start getting to know you, your project and building a relationship with you even before our first official meeting.

Ghaf Capital Partners is looking for; early stage, next-generation, industry changing blockchain projects, as well as later stage and well-established companies with a strong background and team from the industry whose plan is revolutionize the industry.

Our Office Dubai, UAE

Email Us info@ghafcapital.ae

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