Ghaf Capital Partners in Alignment with Dubai Paperless Strategy

Ghaf Capital Partners has always been on the forefront, of representing itself as an agent of change to adapt to the ever-changing Environmental and Economic landscape of the country, therefore it actively embarks on initiatives that are in alignment with the Government of the Dubai and UAE.

One such initiative is the Dubai Paperless Strategy, “DUBAI GOVERNMENT WILL ISSUE ITS LAST PAPER TRANSACTION IN 2021, WE’VE INSTRUCTED DIGITAL DUBAI OFFICE TO OVERSEE THIS GOAL” - His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum during Digital Dubai’s Future Now Event, April 16 2017. The Dubai Government will no longer issue or require “Paper Documentation” to carry out any of its operations, the workflow shall now be digitized.

This initiative is also a step in the direction of, Dubai minimizing its carbon footprint and contributing for the betterment of the Environment and overall health of society, “By eliminating the 1 billion pieces of paper used by the government each year, we could save enough money to feed 4 million children, prevent 130,000 trees from being cut down, and save 40 hours of productivity to give people more time to spend doing what they love”

In order for the Dubai Paperless Strategy to be a complete success, everyone has to come together and partake in this great initiative not just Government Entities. For this reason, Ghaf Capital Partners has incorporated this strategy into their corporate culture and is recalibrating its internal processes to reflect its transition to a paperless future. By Q2 of 2022 Ghaf Capital Partners will be completely paperless!

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Ghaf Capital Partners is one of the first blockchain only private capital firm based in Dubai, U.A.E.

To become the most trusted and reputable blockchain financial and growth partners for entrepreneurs and business partners.

Our mission is simple, we want to invest in the best teams & start-ups in the blockchain industry to offer the world a new, smarter way of life. We have a highly skilled team whose main focus is to create effective value-added partnerships and working with the best companies and help achieve the greatest value creation in the sector. Our motivated team will work closely with our partners to ensure the greatest chance of success of their projects.

We are a firm based on relationships and partnerships and strive only for excellence and nothing else. We strike at our goals and we prove our trust!

Everything in our power to ensure success of your venture. We support our partners the same as if they were part of our family. We suggest you approach us as early as possible, we would like to start getting to know you, your project and building a relationship with you even before our first official meeting.

Ghaf Capital Partners is looking for; early stage, next-generation, industry changing blockchain projects, as well as later stage and well-established companies with a strong background and team from the industry whose plan is revolutionize the industry.

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